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Introducing Paydro - the charming Teacup Frenchie who is ready to become a proud stud! At 10 months old and 15lbs, Paydro is the perfect size and has the lovable personality that everyone looks for. With his stunning white and brindle coat, Oreo/Merle markings, and unique features, he is sure to catch anyone's attention.

Paydro is not only adorable but is also in excellent health - being up-to-date on his vaccines and routine health check-ups. Being his maximum adult size, Paydro is now open to breeding and is available for stud fee.

If you're looking for a stud for your french bulldog, look no further than Paydro. He has the personality, physique, and health to make beautiful pups with your lady dogs. You can trust that Paydro will be a responsible breeder and will make sure that every pup is healthy and happy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have Paydro as your go-to stud. Contact us to schedule a meeting or if you have any specific inquiries. You won't regret adding this charming Teacup Frenchie to your breeding plans.

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